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One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time…give it, give it all, give it now.
Annie Dillard

Writing and Creativity

Does Writing Ever Become Easier?
When the Words Don’t Come Easily
Writing in a Time of Pandemic (a tribute to George Orwell)
Will You Write When You Feel Blue? (on being authentic)
The Magic of Embracing Stupid (on dealing with inner critic)
Why I Write To My Son?
My Escape From the Most Useless Place, the Waiting Place
Totally Random Thoughts

Self and Life

We All Have Enough Time
Learning to Lower My Mountain of Expectations
What Do You (Not) Have Time For?
Exercise Happier, Not Harder
Success is What You Mean It To Be
Does Science Need To Tell Us Why Affection Matters?
The Forest Spirit (a tribute to my friend and zero waste living)
When A Cow Walks Into a Bar (on hope and happiness)
How Quitting My Job Twice Saved Me From Settling for Less
If You Can Afford to Travel, Can You Afford Not to Travel?
So What If My Life is a Mess? (on using reverse psychology)
A Year if Letting Go and Letting Be (on setting an intention)
The Key to Healing is Within You (lessons from a Holocaust survivor)
When House Hunting Turned into a Ghost Sighting

My Journey on Medium

Three Things About Medium I Can Live Without
No, I Won’t Follow You Back If You Scam Me
There is Nothing I Hate About Medium
What If I Don’t Have Advice For You?
It is Okay If You Don’t Follow Me
Why Medium’s New Symbol Rubs Us Wrong Way


If Only I Had a Magic Finger
Once Upon a Time, I Chose to Fight
America, Why I Feel Sorry for You, I Don’t Know
The American Dream, WTF?
Panic in New York
Hello Coronavirus, Why Are You Here?

Society and Culture

What’s Up, Police? (On BLM)
To Wear Or Not to Wear? That is Not the Question (on mask war)
How Seven Words Got a Man Evicted From His Home
Japanese Mother Hires a Father for Her Daughter

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I write to collect, capture, and curate ordinary beautiful ideas.

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