Collect Memories, Not Things

Never underestimate the power of ordinary beautiful moments

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Gingko leaves are falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
Gingko leaves are falling down,
My birthday boy

Collect them up with your naked hands,
Naked hands, naked hands.
Make this memory with your friends,
Bestest friends, bestest friends,
My dear son

As a toddler, my son liked to sing London Bridge Is Falling Down. Now he likes to dance to Dance Monkey. On December 21st, he turned 9.

Two of my son’s best friends came over to share pizza and cake with us in a neighborhood park. It was one of those beautiful days in Northern California.

The sun streams through Gingko trees and their golden leaves fall gently like snowflakes. The boys collect the fallen leaves to make a mound to jump and slide on. Soon the sliding game becomes a leaf-throwing battle involving all of us. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and mesmerized by these ordinary beautiful moments. I remember one of my favorite sayings:

Collect memories, not things.

A few of my childhood memories come to me out of blue. I see my father pulling me and my brother on a sleigh through snow covered forest trails. I see him picking me up at my kindergarten with a string of colorful balloons and forbidden sweets. These memories still nourish and warm my thoughts.

I’m continuously learning to never underestimate the power of sharing ordinary yet joyful moments with loved ones. They are free and they sprinkle our lives with magical memories.

We may be trapped in quarantine isolation in addition to our own special kind of ruts, but we can still make and collect memories. It only asks for our caring attention to what we already have but can’t afford to take for granted.

I’m officially nine,” my son declares. “I’m officially afraid of you growing up too soon,” I say. There is nothing I can do about passing time or falling leaves, but I can pay attention and savor these moments.

Give yourself a gift: the present moment.

— Marcus Aurelius

Thank you for reading.

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I write to collect, capture, and curate ordinary beautiful ideas.

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