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Why I’m resetting my intentions this November

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I started writing on Medium in November last year. Though instead of celebrating my one-year anniversary with renewed enthusiasm, I find that I’m spending far less time writing, checking my Medium email, or reading this month than in past months.

Even so, I am proud of my decision to write here and the progress I’ve made so far. I am ever so grateful for the incredible writers I’ve discovered and connected to. They have made me feel much less alone. This period of detachment is only temporary. …

Three rules of survival from a Holocaust survivor

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The biggest concentration camp is your own mind and the key is in your pocket. — Dr Edith Eger

Two years ago, at age 90, renowned psychologist and holocaust survivor, Dr Edith Eger published her first book and memoir, The Choice: Embrace the Possible. She recently published her second book, The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life.

I didn’t know anything about Dr Eger until I listened to her interview with Lewis Howes. At age 92, Dr Eger has mesmerizing energy and optimism. The stories she shared in this hour-long interview astonished me. …

We may learn to live with it, but we may not learn to love it.

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Abracadabra. Here I am. Love me or leave me.

Upon first seeing it, many people stated that they mistook it as a glitch. That is how sudden and disorienting its arrival was. My first reaction was, What is it? Where is Medium? I thought Medium had been swallowed by the dots that looked like a black hole. …

I still don’t know what to make of what happened to me

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Years ago I had a friend who lived in Oregon with a small community of forest-dwellers. She and her neighbors made things to sell, such as jewellery, walking sticks, dog leashes, and so on, which they sold on the streets or at open markets and used the money they made to buy food and other supplies. …

Being real is the best value we can offer to our readers

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If you feel blue, just feel blue even if this may annoy happy people.
If you feel happy, just feel happy even if this may annoy sad people.
If you need to express joy, don’t hold back.
Just do it.
If you want to celebrate yourself, don’t apologize.
Just do it. …

Weird trending stories, highlighting madness, comment jungle

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Today, my thoughts turn to annoying features of Medium I can live without.

Recently the Medium’ CEO, Ev Williams wrote:

“You know when you reply to an email that has an attachment and you add someone but that new person on the thread doesn’t get the attachment? How is there still no quick fix for that in email/Gmail? And what’s more efficient — hitting forward and adding the new person and then re-adding the original sender (plus anyone else) or hitting reply and then reattaching?” …


Don’t be afraid of me, don’t let me dominate your life!

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In seventy-four years of my stupid existence, I’ve done nothing right.
I screwed you up, America. No, you screwed you up.
You got what you asked for.
You’ve done it to yourself.

Why I have this sudden compulsion to tell the truth now, I don’t know.
But, listen kiddos,
It is strange how the truth doesn’t come easily, like the rarest eclipse. …

Fear of failure is no longer a thing for me

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Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

— Henry David Thoreau

I find it almost impossible to go through a single day without encountering the word success.

Why has it become such a buzzword? Why do we need to care so much about becoming successful?

It is becoming a bit tiring.

The world refers to success as a destination, a height we can reach to preside over others, or a point of life at which we transition to someone with money, status, and fame.

For many, this may sound like a fabulous thing to strive for or even kill themselves to achieve, if necessary. …

Crows, Fear, and Poisoned Arrows

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Photo by narubono on Unsplash

I admire writers who let their thoughts out into the world in whatever manner, style, and length they fancy.

Today I’ve summoned up the courage to do just that and share these totally random thoughts. Because, who cares? I want to practice writing what I want to write anyway I want.

Whenever I try to find myself and my purpose, I feel like a dog chasing its own tale. It is only when I relax and let myself be that I feel found. …

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